Gwenda’s Goodies

Gwenda is one of the many brave souls I admire, who decide to brave the world of entrepreneurship and start their own business. This South African lady caters home-made, healthy and well-priced lunch and catering services to businesses and their staff members that just do not get much time to prepare their own healthy lunches for […]

Plastic pollution

In 1941, when the production of everyday plastics commenced on a mass scale, V.E Yarsley, a chemist for B.X. Plastics Ltd, extolled the virtues of this “tough, safe, clean material which human thought has created”, the perfect expression of the new planned scientific control and the coming of the Plastics Age. With over 10 000 types of […]

Women’s Environmental Network

I have been fortunate enough to work with this very special group of women for over 6 years now. I approached Women’s Environmental Network to offer my design and marketing help as they are the only organisation in the UK working consistently for women and the environment, two personal values of mine. Central to their approach is […]

Fox Diner

Having moved to London a few years back, I initially did not believe that there were foxes living here, as it took me a good year to finally spot one. One night, cycling back home, a shadow crossed my path, quickly acknowledged my presence and returned back to his secretive world. Jean-Christophe Bailly’s essay, The […]

Jenius Social

Jenius Social is a wonderful food hub in the north of London that offers masterclasses, supper clubs, private dining, and bespoke events… all centred around a much beloved interest of mine: good food and company! I was lucky enough to work with the bubbly Jennifer Yong, the enterprise founder and help develop all the shop collateral, online and print […]