Embercombe Marketing and Communications
Embercombe is a charity and social enterprise in Devon, we provide regular support for content marketing, social media and design support for their online and offline presence. We product sustainable design solutions on all aspects of their printing, web support for their social media, within budget, and manage all of their online channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.
Content marketing, social media and design support for Embercombe
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Embercombe Marketing and Communications

Embercombe is a beautiful and wilding 50 acre valley on the edge of Dartmoor. It is place to find a deep connection with nature – wild nature around us and wild nature within us. They host transformational personal development programmes and my work focuses on marketing and promoting these through a mix of digital and print marketing. I manage their various social media channels, print and web communications, website maintenance and newsletters.

During the COVID pandemic Embercombe’s programming turned online, where we. hosted a very successful series of talks, workshops and offerings which dramatically increased engagement and Embercombe’s online presence.  Since managing their communications channels in March 2020 their online presence has expanded 334% through solid and engaging content marketing.




Branding, Content Marketing, Design, Illustration, Social Media