Tir Natur logo
Logo design and branding for Herbalist, and integrative health specialist
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Tir Natur logo

Tir Natur logo

Tir Natur, meaning ‘Land belonging to Nature’ in Welsh, is an inspiring new Wales-Based rewilding charity with the purpose of tackling the nature crisis through the large-scale restoration of ecosystems in Wales and I am thrilled to support the start of this new project. This problem lies at the UK’s doorstep, with Wales ranking 169th out of 218 countries in the measure of biodiversity intactness and it is time to act. This new charity aims to raise funds, buy land and rewild it and as 80% of Wales is currently farmed, Tir Natur wants to make the point that rewilding and farming can work together, working in harmony with the land in a positive way that allows nature to thrive first and foremost.

The project will work to show how to accommodate large herbivores, which is why the longhorn cattle was integrated into the logo, alongside a ‘messy’ and vibrant Welsh backdrop with wildlife included in the logo to show a vibrant ecosystem. I look forward to seeing how this project will develop and spread the positive ecological restoration principles involved with the rewilding movement.


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